This story is sad on a couple of different levels. First and foremost, I am upset that this little girl was attacked by pit bulls in the first place. Second of all, she was asked to leave a KFC over her appearance.

Victoria Wilcher, was eating with her grandmother at a Mississippi KFC, when an employee of the chicken chain allegedly asked them to leave because Victoria's face was 'disrupting customers'. Can you imagine? KFC is reportedly looking into the incident.

As far as the dogs that attacked sweet Victoria, they were put down. I do not believe kids and pit bulls mix, that is just my opinion. I know many of you disagree. Tree wrote a great piece a few weeks ago about dogs becoming more important than people, it is a very interesting read.

My heart goes out to Victoria, I cannot imagine how terrified she must have been during the attack, and now having to deal with this. As of now, KFC has given the girl $30,000 toward medical bills while they investigate.