When it comes to 'bad words', opinions differ. For instance, if I say 'dumb' or 'stupid' around my nephew Spencer, he immediately says 'OOOOOOOOOO that's a bad word, you are a bad worder!'. He has no idea how 'bad of a worder' I really am!

When I was roughly 12, my mom gave me permission to swear. I was not allowed to drop f-bombs, but I could say damn, hell, sh**, etc. Truth be told, once I was allowed to, it was not as much fun. I said 'F*** it' and stopped. Maybe that was my mothers plan all along? Well played Mommy Dearest, well played.

It is funny what kids will perceive as 'bad words' though, this video is proof of that. A father asks his son to tell him all of the bad words he knows. According to this kid, if you put the word 'butt' in front of any other word, that will equal a bad word. Perhaps it does, one thing is for certain this little guy does know at least one bad word, watch and see for yourself.