Local actor Jeff Hill (DJ Little Big Man) will appear on the ABC hit Detroit 1-8-7 tonight at 10:00pm.    I wrote the article below a few months back when I heard the news.  Congrats Jeff!  I am looking forward to watching tonight!

Action!  Jeff Hill is getting used to hearing that word.

Hill, a Davison resident is beginning to make a name for himself in the acting world.  He recently wrapped up a film called "Zombie Apocalypse Redemption" and just landed a part on the ABC show "Detroit 1-8-7 in which he will play a lead suspect.   Jeff begins taping tomorrow (12/3/10) and the show should air in roughly two weeks.

Many of you may know Jeff as "DJ Little Big Man".  A fixture at the Machine Shop and also a DJ at Deja Vu.  Jeff has been a guest numerous times on the Music Meeting with me as well.  So yeah, I pretty much discovered him.  Just kidding!

Hill also has a few other projects on the horizon.  A possible role in a movie starring Bruce Willis, Ryan Phillippe and 50 Cent which will film in Grand Rapids.  "Margarine Wars" is another picture in the works.

"Little Big Man" may soon be a BIG Hollywood star.  Before he goes all movie star on us, I should tell you he used to sleep on LaBrie's couch years ago.  Things are certainly looking up!  Congrats Jeff and YES, I will go to all of the premieres.   Not kidding.