Back in October of last year, seven-year-old Allyson Ingham of Flushing came home from a day a school sick.  After more complaints the following day of leg pain, Ally's parents took her Hurley hospital where she was then air-lifted to Ann Arbor for treatment.

Ally was diagnosed with a condition called sepsis, which stems from bacteria Streptococcus A.  After receiving some treatment, Ally recently had to have pieces of dead tissue removed from her body including her toes, and parts of her thigh, chest, and feet.  Get more details of the story here.

As Ally's road to recovery is a long and expensive one, local community members have decided to throw a benefit to help offset the cost of the medical bills.  Details below:

  • Where: Scooter's Bar & Grill, at the corner of Torrey and Hill Roads.
  • When: Sunday, January 19th at 2pm.
  • Details:  There will be food, raffles, auctions, and live music.  To follow this event on Facebook or find out how to donate, click here.