Chris Monroe has often referred to his car as a 'piece of sh**', he can now refer to it as a 'piece of puke' - literally. We rocked it pretty good at the Machine Shop on Saturday with Ironsnake, but apparently Chris rocked it the hardest. He really did party until he puked, all over his car!

Tree Riddle was the first to notice the barf-mobile this morning. Tree thought Chris drove through a pumpkin patch. Nope, it is pure puke. The fact that it has been on his car since Saturday is even more gross than the spew itself. Chris is at lunch right now and I bet any of you he is not at a car wash. Monroe denies puking on his car. Actually he blamed one of you, the listeners. We don't believe him. Honk if you see the heap of hurl! Beep Beep!

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