The Vassar Public School staff manages to embarrass everyone, including the viewer, with their 'Ice Ice Baby' parody video announcing that school would be closed for the day. Seriously, you may want to put your wallet in your mouth before watching.

I get it, Vassar School employees. You want the kids to think you are fun and cool. That's not a crime, but your naivety may be. This video, which was an admirable effort at scoring some cool points with the students, should serve as a cautionary tale for all those who follow. There is only one lesson to be learned here, and it is this:

This is what happens when you try too hard to be cool.

I mean, I hate to bash the staff for trying. It really says a lot about how much they care about their kids. There are plenty of public school employees who head straight for the bar without blinking as soon as a snow day is announced. Instead of tying one on, these folks stayed behind to try and make a funny video for their kids... and maybe a little bit for themselves. The point is that they tried, and that's commendable.

However, this thing is bad. Like, Ashley-Simpson-lip-syncing-malfunction-on-SNL bad. It's hard to watch without getting some of the embarrassment that radiates from this epic fail on you. By the time they got to the lyric "Will it ever stop?" I involuntarily said "God, I hope so" out loud in response. I was in the room by myself, and still turned the volume down so low that it barely audible. I was worried that someone might hear it out of context and think I'm listening to Vanilla Ice fan fiction or something.

Like I said, they tried, but I have a feeling this video will haunt them for some time to come. In the eyes of most kids -- old people will never be cool. Accept it and move on.