I would expect that teenagers stretch the truth and or lie to their parents about the usual teenage stuff, like where they were, if a party is going to be chaperoned and who they are dating. I do not expect teens to lie about an attempted abduction.

A Tuscola County 13-year-old girl claimed she was almost abducted on August 8th while walking on Riley Rd., near East Dayton Rd. in Wells Township. The unidentified teen told authorities that a man driving a small white pick-up, pulled up beside her and punched her in the face. He then told her to get in the truck, when she refused the a-hole punched her two more times and drove away. Guess what? It never happened. The teen confessed on Monday that the story was made up.

The county prosecutor is looking into the case to see if charges should be filed. I say yes! Think of all of the time and money wasted searching for a suspect that does not exist. What do you think?