Talk about something you do not want to see! An Oxford resident and Orion Township optometrist is accused of luring a female patient to his office so he could masturbate in front of her. I guess you could say he wanted to make a spectacle of himself.

It is reported that the Dr. Robert Emmett Deck III, asked a patient to come to the office after she put her new contacts in. Maybe he thought she wouldn't be able to see his "hand party" with her old lenses? Nonetheless, the 33-year-old victim thought the whole thing was suspicious and did record audio of the incident. The not so good doctor, was arraigned yesterday on charges of Indecent Exposure.

Dr. Deck does not appear to be the smartest guy. Doesn't he know could have put her EYE out with that thing? How about the thought of the victim telling authorities? I guess he didn't SEE that one coming either.

[Source: WXYZ]