Lou Reed and Metallica have released 30-second clips of every song from their upcoming album 'Lulu', you can hear the two vastly different worlds collide here.

The reception by Metallica fans over their collaboration with Lou Reed has been less than luke-warm. After the band unveiled the doom metal meets spoken word jam 'The View', fans have expressed confusion as to why Metallica would take on such a polarizing project. The band themselves have re-assured fans that this is not the new Metallica studio album, but have also said no matter what --- they are gonna do what they want.

We're not sure whose audience this is for, the music, for the most part, seems substantially heavier than fans of Lou Reed would be interested in. On the flip-side of that coin, Metallica fans will be waiting for James Hetfield's vocal contributions and could possibly resent the Lou Reed sections. It seems like a lose/lose but either way, it is a daring and unapologetic collaboration. When you get to "Metallica status" -- you're entitled to at least a few of those.

We'll reserve our opinions until the full album drops (Nov. 1st) and we can give it a proper review, but we will say there does appear to be some very interesting groundwork showcased in the brief 30-second previews below. 'Lulu' will be an exciting listen filled with unexpected turns at bare minimum.