Acclaimed director Darren Aronofsky makes the best of a video which is basically Lou Reed & Metallica performing 'The View' in a room -- unfortunately it doesn't make the song any easier to hear (although it is shorter).

When Darren Aronofsky was announced as the director for the Loutallica single 'The View,' our minds started racing. Despite our feelings about the song (review here), or the whole album for that matter (review here) -- we thought there might be a cool part where James Hetfield is actually turned into a table ("I am the table!").

Nothing that complicated takes place here. In fact it looks like they just filmed a practice session with black & white cameras -- but Aronofsky managed to turn that non-existent concept into a cool looking video. There is some nifty camera shaking and out-of-focus shots in the latter half of the video which are actually quite visually striking. This is actually not the first time Reed has appeared in one of Metallica's videos, you may remember him as the old guy in the 'Enter Sandman' video (just kidding, that wasn't really him).

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