One of the shows we're most excited about for 2012 is the third season of FX's brilliant comedy 'Louie.' The Louis C.K. comedy may not be predictable when it comes to format or subject matter, but one thing you can count on is being brought to tears with laughter almost every episode.

#3. 'Louie'

Louis C.K.

Being the only true star of a comedy based television show is a burden most actors (let alone comedians) would not be willing to take on. Not only does Louis C.K. handle that task with ease, he makes it look like he thrives on being the only character to have appeared in more than 9 of the 26 episodes. The show changes tone and format with almost every episode -- the only constant being a clip of Louis' stand-up routine appearing somewhere in each show.

'Louie' has a rare ability to go from hilarious to gravely serious before you even realize that anything has changed. Season 1's 'Bully' is one episode where such a change took place, another from last season followed C.K. on a USO tour and captured an angle of the war you don't often see (despite the fact it was probably not filmed anywhere near war). Not all episodes jump into serious-mode though, 'Come On, God' where Louis faced off against an organization called Christians Against Masturbation on Fox News was one of my favorite episodes of any comedy last year.

The real strength of the show lies in Louis C.K.'s brilliant comedy -- he will spare no subject and bares his deepest, darkest thoughts and exploits to get a laugh. His no limits approach earned him two Emmy nods in 2011, and his uproarious stage show often has him considered as a comedian's comedian. 'Louie' often features guest spots from other professional jokesters like Joan Rivers, Ricky Gervais, Doug Stanhope, Dane Cook, and Chris Rock, but none of them have been able to outshine Louis thus far.

C.K. recently made a wise business venture where he released a stand up special through his website for $5 -- he sold more than 110,000 copies. Now that his stock is on the rise, it will be interesting to see how long he remains on a television show -- he does have complete creative control and is the sole writer of the show, so hopefully that will entice him to stick around for a few more seasons of comedic gold. 'Louie' was greenlit for a 13-episode third season that will likely once again premiere in June.

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