Sex toys are nothing new, but until recently, you had to go to adult stores or use the internet to buy them.  Recently, major retailers have started carrying sex toys, and there has been no shortage of demand. 

Your grocery list might include items like milk, potatoes, and paper towels, but until recently, it probably didn't include sex toys(then again I don't know what you do with your cucumbers).  Grocery shopping just got a little kinkier though as major retailers such as Target, Walmart, CVS, and Kroger are carrying sex toys on their shelves.  The stores are carrying the products due to high demand, with sales steadily increasing over the past 10 years.  Both Trojan and Durex produce hand held vibrators and vibrating rings, and are the most commonly carried products.

I'm glad people are getting freakier, but I feel like just carrying vibrators is a bit sexist and honestly, a bit prude.  Why can't I buy a Fleshlight at Walmart?  And what if a vibrator isn't enough? What if a woman wants to buy some anal beads?  Does Walmart not want my anal bead money?  I won't be happy until I can walk into a Target and buy a horse mask and a sex swing.  And some Pop Tarts and a lamp and a $5 dollar DVD.

Source: USA Today