Whether it's for work, family, or because you're paranoid, a lot of people need to hide their facebook.  Check out what you can do to keep creepers, possible employers and your mom off of your wall. 

I assume that it's gotta suck to have to hide your facebook.  My job requires I act like an idiot on facebook.  But if you want to be something respectable in life, you probably don't want the guy who just interviewed you to see the pictures in your album, "Drunkaween2010!".  The social media website, Mashable, has some tips to privatize your facebook, including

Lists: Learn to Love ‘Em

When in Doubt, Just Log Out

Audit Your “Likes”

Spring Clean Your Third-Party Applications

Control What Friends Can Share About You Through Applications

Check out the article on more advice on what you can do to keep your facebook hidden from the many creepy people in the world.