Walt Disney was kind enough to create a theme park for the child in all of us, but kudos to the South Koreans who have created a theme park for the lover in all of us.

Love Land is an outdoor, sex-themed, sculpture park on South Korea’s Jeju Island, and is the country’s premier honeymoon spot. The park, which covers an area the size of two soccer fields, features 140 sculptures displaying humans in a variety of sexual positions.

For the more adventurous types, there are educational films, hands-on exhibits and interactive sculptures. Of course, park visitors must be at least 20 years old to enter, but there is a separate play area for minors to enjoy while adults visit.

Jeju Island became a popular South Korean honeymoon spot after the Korean War, and because of the high number of arranged marriages in the country, it became known as the center of sex education. In 2002, artists began creating sculptures to fill a park dedicated to the island’s explicit reputation. Thus creating a culturally sophisticated sexual experience you can enjoy publicly instead of secretly in your basement.

So forget Disneyland, if you aren’t spending your honeymoon at Love Land, then you’re “doing it” wrong.

[Love Land via Lost At E Minor]

Written by Kathy Landin