I have heard women joke about having their mans 'balls in their purse', but like I said - it's a joke! This clown went a step further by wearing his boyfriend's testicles on his wrists after he killed him. Renato Seabra,21, a Portuguese male model, beat Carlos Castro, 65, to death and castrated him with a corkscrew. That is not all, he then wore Castro's balls on his wrists!

The New York Daily News is reporting the pair were involved in a relationship and obviously Seabra was upset over the break up. Seabra believed that the testicles had healing powers, he also would touch people because he believed he had the power to heal AIDS. WTF?

I have heard of people hanging on to things after a break up, but this is nuts! Ball bracelets, are they the new fad for Fall? I'll ask Chris Monroe, he will know.