When something gets as much hype as 50 Shades Of Gray, I usually check it out.  I just finished reading it and here's my observations on the book being called "Porn for Mommy's."

Number Five: Average Girl Gets Hottest Guy In The World

Right off the bat, the book played into the stereotype of a plain, unsure of herself virgin getting the hottest guy in the world.  It's a tired story, and 50 continued to beat the dead horse into the ground.  The main character, Anastasia is unsure of herself and her sexual desires, but when handsome billionaire Christian Grey turns her into a sex slave, she finds the confidence and sex goddess inside of her.  Basically, it's what the author wishes would have happened to her.  But it didn't happen to her, because hot billionaires don't bang average looking chicks that work at a hardware store.

Number Four: Predictable

Don't get me wrong, there were plot twists in the book, but it was very predictable.  You know it's an erotic novel, which is the reason why people are reading, but it got to be almost tedious and boring. Once you get about half way into 50 Shades, it felt like every chapter was the same.  Especially when it came to how much Christian and Anastasia fought.  Once something was resolved, you knew that there would immediately be another fight between the characters.

Number Three: It Really Is Sexy

There was more than one occasion when I was reading and got all worked up from it.  The sexiness is what people came for in 50 Shades, and it delivers.  Could it replace porn in my life? No, but it had numerous scenes that got the blood pumping.  The silver balls scene was super hot along with the on-goings in the Red Room Of Pain.  I never had to put the book down and self gratify, but I can understand why some people did.

Number Two: It's Demeaning To Women

The main character, Anastasia didn't seem to have much self respect.  I get the book is about domination, but the stuff that she puts up with is ridiculous.  Christian doesn't just dominate in the bedroom, he controls every aspect of Anastasia's life.  Real relationships are nothing like the one in the story, because women have feelings, opinions, and their own desires.  There is no way love would have blossomed out the relationship Christian and Anastasia have, because there was no respect.  Anastasia was more of a pet than a partner.

Number One: Most Women Wouldn't Want That Sex Life

Don't get me wrong, A LOT  of chicks like rough sex.  But this book takes rough sex to unrealistic, almost uncomfortable levels.  And there might be some women out there that are into it, but they are few and far between.  Chicks like to get spanked, they don't like to get flogged.  Chicks like to be tied up, but they don't like to be held hostage.  Chicks like to be dominated in the bedroom, but they don't like being used, humiliated, and treated like a disposable sex toy.  Maybe they like fantasizing about that stuff, but realistically, women would not want the sex life described in 5o Shades Of Gray.