No, this man is not an elf, apparently he is just a big fan of Christmas.  An Ohio man broke into a house, did not take anything instead he put up Christmas decorations.  Are we sure this was not a female robber?  I do not know one guy that is interested in decorating the inside of a house for Christmas.

Not only was this guy full of Christmas spirit, he was also full of  bath salt drugs.

The Herald Sun is reporting that Terry Trent was discovered when an 11 year old boy returned home and found Trent sitting on the couch.  The decorating druggie apologized to the young boy and told him he would leave.  The smart young man then called his mother who called police.

Trent has been arrested and is behind bars.  Give him some tinsel and I am sure he can do wonders in his cell.  Who knows, if the boy never would of come home, maybe this clown would of put up the outside lights too?

Ho Ho Ho!