An Iowa IT worker is accused of peeing on the chairs of attractive female co-workers.  According to KTLA women were complaining about stains on their chairs.  If that is the case then someone is totally peeing on chairs here at the radio station.  I am not kidding! It is either pee or creamer, and I don't mean coffee creamer.

Raymond Charles Foley,59, worked at a Farm Bureau Insurance office.  Foley had access to computers and the employee database.  Apparently this creep would look at pictures of employees on the database, pick out the pretty ones and pee on their chairs when the office was closed.  Wow, so if you didn't get your chair urinated on, consider yourself ugly.  What an insult!

A security system was set up and this clown was caught 'penis handed'.  Makes you wonder why such a good looking guy would do such a bizarre thing?