STD's are usually passed through sexual activity, not in this case.  A biologist has been diagnosed with the first bug bite STD and he passed it on to his wife.

Brian Foy was researching Malaria in Africa and was bitten several times by mosquitoes.  Upon returning to the U.S. he experienced a rash and painful urination.  Foy's wife eventually began experiencing similar symptoms along with

muscle pains and headaches.

Scientists have come to the conclusion that Foy contracted a Zika virus and passed it on to his wife through sex.

I am no scientist so I can't say this is B.S., but it is pretty crazy.

Great!  So now we need OFF Bug Spray AND condoms in the backyard.  Do they make condoms small enough for a mosquito? I will ask Chris Monroe.

What do you think?  Infected bug bite or he had a bad piece of vagina?