When Jason Elia of Nashville, TN spent $8000.00 on tickets to the Super Bowl he planned on taking his girlfriend.

I guess I should say his former girlfriend, because according to him, she ended the relationship when she found out he has bladder cancer. According to Mr. Elia she, quote:

"Could not handle the stress of having a boyfriend with cancer."

As horrible as that sounds, he claims she still wanted the tickets to the Super Bowl!

According to Chron.com, Elia did not give her the tickets. Instead he is giving them away to a stranger.  His plan is to give the game tickets to whoever can get him the most Twitter followers.

Elia's motive was not to get back at his ex-girlfriend, instead, he quote:

"Wants to give someone the same enjoyment that he thought he was going to get with someone he  loved."

Here is the twist, the ex, Sokhon Sen, claims he is making this story up.  Sen tells the Daily Mail, that there are no Super Bowl tickets and there was no "break up" because there was no relationship.

Either way this is a effed up story.  Who do you believe?