I've heard of brotherly love before but this is ridiculous. Two brothers from South Carolina were placed under arrest last month and went to the extreme to avoid the dreaded third strike.

Gossiponthis.com reports that 23-year old Deangelo Mitchell and his 20-year old brother Wayne were arrested last month after police found three bags of cocaine in under the backseat of their vehicle during a routine traffic stop. Apparently there was one more bag of coke hidden in Wayne's backseat -- and I don't mean the backseat of his car.

An hour after being detained, Wayne went into convulsions and began bleeding from the mouth before dying. Deangelo told police he believed that Wayne had swallowed an ounce of cocaine, something that the backseat camera footage of the police cruiser would prove he knew for sure.

In the footage you can see Deangelo urge his brother to eat the bag of coke he has stashed in his keister, saying he "can't get no strikes no more." Not only does Wayne eat the butt-coke, but he pays the ultimate price for doing so. Talk about a sh**y last meal. Now Deangelo faces both drug and involuntary manslaughter charges.