A man was pulled from his black Range Rover and brutally beaten by a motorcycle gang of about 30 -- in front of his wife and 2-year old daughter -- after a 6-minute chase on New York's West Side Highway... and it was all caught on tape. See the video here.

It's tough to tell what started the altercation that would ultimately go on for 6-minutes (that probably felt like an eternity) and 50+ blocks, but what is clear is that one man clearly came out on the losing end of it. According to Fox News, 33-year old New Yorker Alexian Lien was celebrating he and his wife's first anniversary when it all went south.

Although it remains unclear why the bikers decided to box in the Range Rover, it appears that they force him to stop around the 24-second mark in the video above. After the vehicle stopped, some of the bikers began denting the side of the SUV and slashing the tires. Lien did what probably anyone would have in that situation and gunned it out of there, hitting a few of the bikers in the process. Unfortunately for him, he missed about 25 of them and had to try to escape on slashed tires.

Despite his best efforts, Lien was eventually caught in traffic and then assaulted by the angry mob of motorcyclists.  Sadly, doctors say the man struck by the SUV may be left a paraplegic as a result of the incident, while Lein was left with two black eyes and stitches in his face and chest. An overall sad outcome caused by a series of senseless acts of violence. So far, there has been only one confirmed arrest related to the attack.