Does your toaster have a warning label on it that reads 'Do Not Insert Penis'? Would you need to be told NOT to put your penis in a toaster? Common sense did not prevail in one Englishman's case, he did indeed put his penis inside of a toaster and it did get stuck!

The unidentified London resident, was not able to remove his penis, so he called the fire department. Wouldn't you think he would of tried to butter it up a little, and slide it out? Can you imagine having to make that call? This guys reputation really is toast now! I guess he has a sense of humor, because he told this joke to the fire fighters,

'How do you make pickle bread?  With dill-dough of course!'

Okay, so I made that part up. I am sure there was no joke telling from the toast raper, but I am quite sure the firemen had a good laugh afterwards. Would this incident be considered a loaf or death situation?