This guy could be a pro thumb wrestler! James Byrne, 29, had his big toe cut off and put on his hand for a thumb.  Byrne sawed his thumb off accidentally (like you thought he did it on purpose).

Doctors tried to save his thumb, but the blood was just not flowing in it, so plan B came into play. 


Mr. Byrne has nicknamed his new thumb "Toby", and told The Sun, quote:

"People have different reactions, some think it's really funny while others are a bit disgusted by it.  They ask 'what did you do to your thumb, it's so big and swollen. I can't bend it yet but I hope to be able to do so soon. It rotates and I can give it a good wiggle."

The world of medicine certainly is incredible.  If this guy has a girlfriend, she is in for it! She now stands a chance of being fingered & thumbed.  I would call that a true toe jam!  Ouch!