I am one of those people that loses things.  I can't even count how many times I have lost my credit card, money or keys. However, I don't think I would have any of those things permanently tattooed on my body.  Well, maybe my keys - if the tattoo could actually start my car!

Richard Ashton who has dual citizenship in London and Australia has his passport tattooed on his back.  He had the piece done in 2006, but is just now making the news.

Ashton did not have the tattoo done for traveling purposes, he did it to remember a backpacking trip in Australia.  He cannot use the back tat as an actual passport, he could however use it as ID at a bank he claims.  He tells The Sun, quote:

"The cashier gave me a strange look. She typed in my name and details after reading my tattoo and allowed me $50."

That is cool and all, but I don't recommend you tattoo your social security number or bank account numbers on your body either.  Just saying.  But feel free to put the name of your girlfriend or boyfriend on your body.  What could possibly go wrong there?