I doubt this man had the words "permanent wood" tattooed on his penis, but that is what he ended up with.  A 21 year old Iranian man is suffering from a condition called Nonischemic Priapism.  Say what?  Basically this guy has a permanent half hard on after getting a tattoo on his penis.

You know the drill, men are advised to seek medical attention for an erection lasting more than four hours, well this wood has lasted way over that!  We are talking wiener wood forever, just like his tattoo.

ABC News reported this story after it was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.  I am not going to get in to the ins and outs (LOL) of this diagnosis, I will tell you that doctors attempted to drain his penis, but it did not work.

Are wondering what he had tattooed on his penis?  It was "borrow be salaamat".  Not salami, although it sure looks like that at first glance.  Apparently it means "good luck with your journeys" he also had the letter "M" tattooed.  It is his girlfriends initial.  I would say she must of been touched, but who are we kidding, you know now she is f***ed, literally over and over again!

Even with the permanent erection, this guy does not regret his decision to tattoo his penis.  I preDICKt his girlfriend will leave him.  She won't be able to run away, she will leave crawling.  I also preDICKt he wears nothing but sweat pants the rest of his life.