A Carol Stream, Illinois man is getting his day in court after allegedly killing his 61-year-old mother after she wouldn't get him Avril Lavigne tickets. 39-year-old Robert Lyons supposedly got angry with his mother -- Linda Bolek, 61-years-old -- when she wouldn't call a friend to get him skybox seats to a 2008 Avril Lavigne concert. Find out more after the jump.

Robert Lyons is accused of hitting his mom in the head with a champagne bottle and then stabbing her so hard with a knife that the knife broke off in her back.

Lyons allegedly tried to create an alibi by calling some friends and saying that his mother fell on the knife trying to attach him. He poured household cleaners over his mothers dead body, changed his clothes and was arrested at a Hooters in Schaumburg, Illinois.

Lyons attorney said Lyons had a history of bi-polar disorder and he was provoked by his mother to attack her. Lyons attorney went on to say: "This defendant was so angry with his mother that he bludgeoned and repeatedly stabbed her in a fit of rage. She threatened to stab him in the eye. That reaction was not intended, that reaction was not planned."

All this over an Avril Lavigne concert? Lavigne is cute, but her music isn't good enough to kill over. What do you think?