A former super market security guard has traded in his walkie talkie to make his boyhood dream of living like "Tarzan" a reality. I am talking actual jungle living and a loin cloth. If this sounds hot to you girls, he is actually looking for a "Jane".

DeWet Du Toit, 24, has moved from England to Africa and spends three nights a week living in the jungle. Toit eats a diet of fruits and insects and has an elephant for a best friend according to the Orange news. The modern day Tarzan also counts monkeys, zebras an crocodiles as friends too.

Hey, we only live once so why not? What I do find peculiar is Mr. Toit is hoping to be cast as Tarzan in a major motion picture. So do you want to be famous or are you really into living like the jungle hero?

If you want to track him down just do the Tarzan call...Aaaaaaa....Yaaaaaaaa....Aaaaaa or use a phone and call him at his parents house, that is where he lives when he is not swinging through trees.  Oh, he also has a facebook, how primitive of him.