This is proof that walking in heels is not easy!  Suspected drug trafficker Ronald Silva, attempted a prison escape by putting on a wig, a dress and high heels.

According to the Daily Mail, his wife came to visit and brought and or wore the disguise.  She left wearing his shorts!  If you are wondering how no one noticed, apparently there were 150 family members visiting that day.

The escape seems to be planned in advance, as Silva had completely shaved his arms and legs. But his wife is claiming she had no idea why he wanted to trade clothes, she just did it anyway.  Silva walked out of the prison with other wives and even got as far as a bus station, but that was it.

A Policeman on the street noticed how odd he/she looked and how Silva was having a difficult time walking in the heels.  Let me tell you, it takes practice!   Silva is now back in prison and awaiting trial. Better luck next time girl!