This guy basically kicked this motel's ass!  We are talking $2000 in damages - all over toilet paper.

A North Carolina man came unglued when he realized there was no toilet paper in his motel room.  Calling for some would be the obvious answer, not for this guy.  He took matters into his own hands and went to a near by room and clogged a different toilet.  It is unknown as to what he clogged it with. The man then went back to his room and broke the blow dryer and a light.  Damn, wasn't there any Kleenex around?  The Daily Mail reports that a security guard alerted police about the sh** storm this nut was causing.

Turns out this particular motel, the Charlottestown Manor is a motel that provides short term housing for people with mental illness.  This story makes a little more sense now.  It's great that this hotel provides these rooms to people, but they need to provide toilet paper too.