I can't imagine what John Foreman went through in 1975, when Michael Woodmansee killed his 5 year old son.  Now, with Woodmansee, convicted of that murder, looking at getting out of prison for good behavior, Foreman has publicly stated his desire for revenge.  

Any parent who buries a child has gone through Hell.  John Foreman went through the lowest levels of Hell when his 5 year old son was murdered in 1975.  36 years later and Foreman is about to look the Devil in the face.  The convicted killer, Michael Woodmansee, is up for early release, thanks in part to good behavior.  This is the same Michael Woodmansee who kept a journal, in it recording that he ate the flesh of Foreman's young son.  msnbc.com ran an article after interviewing Foreman, quoting,

In the interview, Foreman claimed a journal kept by Woodmansee, which has not been released by police, details how the killer had eaten the young boy's flesh.

"I do intend, if this man is released anywhere in my vicinity, or if I can find him after the fact, I do intend to kill this man," Foreman added.

The fact that Foreman has gone so publicly with his intentions means he will never get away with it.  And I don't think he cares.  I'm not saying murder is the solution to anything, but if Foreman goes through with his threats, I, or anyone, would have a hard time damning him.