I am sure at least once in your life, maybe after a wild night out you woke up unsure of your surroundings.  Maybe more than once?

How about waking up in a morgue?

A South African man (who was thought to be dead) spent a day zipped up in a body bag inside of a morgue.

CBS News is reporting the unidentified man was deemed dead by his family.  No doctors were involved.  Apparently the family thought he died from an asthma attack, called the morgue and had him picked up.

The man was put in a freezer and left for dead.

After spending a day at the morgue the man "woke" up.  Of course he panicked and began screaming.  At first morgue workers thought it was a ghost and freaked out.

Apparently police were called and they discovered the man.

Who knew you called police for ghost problems in the first place?  I thought you were supposed to call ghost busters!

The man was dehydrated but otherwise fine and obviously very much alive.

Makes you wonder if anyone has ever "woke" up and not been able to get out.