Sex? Check. Gore? Check. Quentin Tarantino? Check. A hot chick with a razor-sharp tongue? Check and check.

‘The Man with the Iron Fists’ is the kung-fu brainchild of the Wu Tang Clan’s Bobby Digital (aka RZA). It focuses on a blacksmith in 19th century China who is forced to unite with warriors and assassins to protect his village and defeat a traitor. There’s gold, sex, violence and eye-popping visuals — both literally and figuratively.

Check out the uncensored red band trailer below, but be WARNED. The huge cyclone of blood and girl-on-girl make-out sessions might not be the best thing for your boss to catch you watching.

In addition to directing and writing duties, RZA stars as the blacksmith who channels an ancient energy to turn himself into a living weapon. Then, of course, there’s the sultry Lucy Liu with her “some will be left on their knees” mentality. What’s not to love there?

Plus it’s one of Quentin Tarantino’s bloody sexy creations and is co-written by Eli Roth. You can tell by the ‘Kill Bill’-style fight scenes, the seductive temptress Lady Silk who murders with her mouth, and Russell Crowe who apparently enjoys shooting his gun over “unloading” his pants pistol.

The fantasy action adventure doesn’t have a set release date, but expects to screen in the fall.