With all the talk about the Presidential Election last night, it was easy to overlook some of the local laws that would be changed by the vote.  Such as the decriminalization of small amounts of marijuana in Flint.

David McNew/Getty Images

It's not legal, but it's another step closer.  Last night, Flint voters made their voice heard as they voted to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana.  There are still votes to be tabulated, but currently, over 60 percent of Flint voters decided that enforcing marijuana laws should be the bottom priority of local law enforcement.

Like I said, it's not legal, but pot smokers can breath a little easier, as adults over 19 are allowed to have less than one ounce on private property.  So while you could still be arrested for having a considerable amount or driving in your car with it, if you're in your house smoking, nobody is going to care.  Except of course state and local agents, who have the authority to overrule the city.

There is still grey area in the legal system when it comes to marijuana, but it's clear to see that public opinions and correspondingly laws are evolving about the drug.

Source: MLive