Marilyn Manson has always given off a weird vibe that frightened small children and old folks, but a new poll says most people find him creepier than alleged child killers, Nazis, and even worse...reality television stars!

Reuters reported last week that Marilyn Manson topped the 'Creepiest Celebrities' list that was put together by E-Poll. The market research company compiled the list by surveying 1,100 people from the ages 1-100 to figure out which stars made their blood run cold.

This is actually a title that Manson would most likely be proud of...until he saw the rest of the list. He stands around 12% ahead of Casey Anthony and O.J. Simpson -- two people who most of the general public feel got away with murder.

That just goes to show you how ignorant people can be sometimes. They'd rather be around someone who they think killed two people or their own kid than an artist who dresses weird and makes heavy music. Regardless of what news outlets have said in the past, we're pretty sure Marilyn Manson's music never murdered anyone.

E-Poll's Ten Creepiest Celebrities

01. Marilyn Manson (69%)
02. Casey Anthony (57%)
03. O.J. Simpson (56%)
04. Spencer Pratt (49%)
05. Nadya Suleman (41%)
06. Charlie Sheen (34%)
06. Eliot Spitzer (34%)
08. Woody Allen (31%)
08. Tim Burton (31%)
10. Jesse James (30%)