Mark Tremonti plays the Machine Shop this Thursday on a trek supporting his debut solo album, ‘All I Was.’ Of course, when most people think of Tremonti, they think of him as a killer guitar player and shredder. But, he sings lead vocals on his solo album, and I recently chatted with him about that switch.

“I’ve been songwriter since a kid, so I’ve always sung to myself and sung to my closes friends and people I work with when I’m writing,” he said. “When I was younger, I hated my voice, and I think over the years of doing it, you get more control over it.

“I reached a point when I had three months off tour, and Myles was out with Slash, and Scott was doing his solo tour, and I decided to put together and album and use the ideas I played for the guys 100 times but never made it into a song, and that I’ve always enjoyed.”

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