Note to self: Never steal anything in Indiana. Due to the state's extremely harsh theft laws, one couple is facing three years of hard time because for sneaking into the movie 'Warm Bodies' instead of paying $13.50.

Talk about your outdated laws! In Indiana, every case of theft, no matter how insignificant, is considered a felony. So when Lendsey and Delilah Harbin went from the movie they paid for -- 'Snitch,' starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson -- to one that they didn't, they were unknowingly playing a dangerous game of roulette with their future. Unfortunately for them, the security guards were also off-duty police officers and busted them instead of simply throwing them out.

According to The Smoking Gun, the couple from nearby Gary, Indiana explained that they "were at a funeral all day and just were not thinking clearly." Nice try, Harbins. After a funeral, nothing makes me feel better than watching a movie about dead people. Although, I do sympathize with their predicament. After every Dwayne Johnson movie I've ever watched, I've also felt like I was owed a free movie.