A Michigan charity organization recently discovered the tooth and a tusk of an extinct mastodon in their donation box.

No one with the Christian charity has any idea who donated this ancient elephant chomper and tusk, but local paleontologists suggest that both items are legitimate and could be dated as far back as 15,000 years ago.

And while it is not that uncommon to find the remains of mastodons and other animals that scoured North American over 10,000 years ago in the state of Michigan, it is, however, a rarity to uncover these items in a Grand Rapids donation box.

Yet, Jay Starkey, executive director for In the Image, says that this isn’t the first time the organization has discovered something strange in its donations. Over the years, Starkey says they have received everything from human ashes, framed divorce papers, a piece of art valued at $5,000 and a variety of drugs.

The organization says they are well aware that they could sell the mastodon remains for a cash profit, but instead, they plan to donate them to the Grand Rapids Public Museum.

Interesting fact: Scientists say that while thousands of mastodon teeth have been found all across Michigan, the majority of them have been located in Siberia.