Maynard James Keenan is one of the hardest working singers in rock. Not only does he handle vocal duties for prog-metal giants Tool, but also alt-rockers A Perfect Circle, and his outlet for every other musical genre he wants to tackle; Puscifer.

Spin recently sat down to get a status report from the eternally busy musician who (when he isn't touring or recording) also operates his very own wine vineyard. Maynard spoke about his solo project (which is anything but) Puscifer's upcoming album 'Conditions of My Parole' which is due October 18th:

"We’re still mixing, but it’s mostly finished. Musically, it’s like Twin Peaks in the desert. It’s different writing music in the outback compared to writing music on Hollywood Boulevard. The Verde Valley [where he is currently recording in Arizona] has so much diversity. You’ve got stories of ghosts and aliens, plus republicans, democrats, conservatives, liberals, vineyards, ranches, horses. It’s hostile territory: You’ve got scorpions, black widows, brown recluse, javelina, rattlesnakes… and hippies."

The lineup for for Puscifer on this album includes members of A Perfect Circle, Ashes Divide, as well as The Mars Volta. They will hit the road for a couple of months in support of  'Conditions of My Parole' following it's release.

Maynard is currently on the road with A Perfect Circle and had a few words to say about the new material that has been vaguely spoken of in previous interviews. Once they are done with the tour Maynard thinks they:

"...might put out a track or two. The energy is good, so there’s always the potential for a future."

In typical fashion, the mysterious frontman had even less to say about the potential of future music from Tool. However, he did say "We're writing" in regards to the band whose last album '10,000 Days' was released in 2006.