Hello this is the Genesee County Compassion Club and we are pleased to bring you this week’s public announcement.

The latest reports show unemployment not slowing down. Michigan is over 11%.

The Poverty rate is 15%. There is no doubt our economy is hurting.

The good news is Michiganders are resilient people. We know how to utilize our resources and protect them at the same time. From our historic lumber and fishing industries to our world changing auto industries, we have shown to be innovators, laborers and lovers.

We have also shown to be leaders in the health industry, an interesting fact; in 1979 Michigan was one of 14 states to participate in the nation’s first medical marijuana program.

This is the 2nd medical marijuana law we’ve had.

According to the state’s website over 105,000 patients are now participating in the program.

This has created the State over 10 million dollars in profit.

This has also created a lot of new businesses, jobs, and even some tax.

The first program failed due to lack of supply which was supposed to be provided by the government.

This program we have now is by the people and for the people. Some want to find a way to restrict this. We would like our leaders to find a way to utilize it. We believe that with a responsible and reasonable approach, we can find a way to us this to help continue Michigan’s role as a leader.

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