So I'm a pretty big supporter of medical marijuana.  Even if you hate pot heads, you gotta let people have their medicine.  But now, researchers may have found a way for patients to reap the benefits of THC without the high.

People all over the world recognize the medical benefits of THC, treating a long list of ailments including chronic pain, nausea, anxiety, and many others.  But not everybody agrees it's medical benefits outweigh it's reputation as a dangerous drug.  Researchers may have found a solution to the problem. ran the original article, saying of the high medical marijuana patients,

Zhang and colleagues want to eliminate these "unwanted effects" so that they can create new kinds of pain medication. Soon, people whose stomachs are too tender for aspirin or ibuprofin may be swallowing THC pills to get rid of headaches.

I love scientists who study weed, but this Zhang dude kind of sucks.  Still if it's gonna help sick people, more power to them.  And it's not like smoking weed is going to to ever stop getting you high...