Matt took some time to sign autographs, and shoot guns with fans at Williams while in town for back to back sold out shows at The Machine Shop. This was one of the most fun events ever! 

The new indoor gun range at Williams Gun Sight is really sweet, and the staff there is so helpful and knowledgable. Some of the listeners were well versed in shooting, and some had never shot anything beyond a squirt gun! There were several to try, and Matt even busted out his personal pieces engraved with his band's logo, and let anyone who wanted to, try them out! He too, is very knowledgable and taught us some things. One young lady brought in a jar of change to donate to Matt's non-profit organization, Star Treatments, which gives children battling cancer a ride on a tour bus to treatments, and tries to make them as comfortable as possible while healing. This was one awesome event, and we can't wait to do something again like this soon!