Fear Factor was forced to pull an episode featuring contestants drinking donkey semen, but two girls who did indeed drink it are not embarrassed at all about it.  As a matter of fact, the hot twins were more than happy to talk about it, until NBC reminded them that they signed a confidentiality agreement. 

Claire & Brynne Odioso were required and or asked to complete a stunt on the show that consisted of them and other contestants drinking donkey semen followed by a glass of urine. Believe it or not they completed the challenge as did other contestants.

According to the Daily Mail the twins said they are proud of themselves and would in fact do it again. Barf! Claire described the donkey semen as tasting bitter with hints of hay.

Although the episode was pulled the girls are getting offers for other reality shows, possibly a cooking show. Yummy, I was wondering what to do with all the excess donkey semen in my cupboards!

I am willing to bet that you will see the "Swallow Sister" in the pages of Playboy. Perhaps photographed on a farm? Just a guess.