Megadeth brainchild Dave Mustaine and Anthrax guitarist Dan Spitz have joined forces on a new side project.

Apparently Dave got a sneak preview of Dan Spitz' new side project and had so much good creative input that he became a part of the project. In a recent interview Mustaine said:

"He was working on a little side project I'd heard a little while ago and I asked him "Do you think it's done?" He asked me why and I said "Well, I would kind of do this and that". And he said "Go ahead". So I rolled my sleeves up and completely dedicated myself to Danny's record."

Mustaine also added that the album sounds like Soundgarden, Disturbed, and Rage Against the Machine. Sounds awesome and too good to be true all at once (In an unrelated note, check out my new side project that sounds like Led Zeppelin, Pantera, and your two other favorite bands). Megadeth is set to begin recording their new album next year also.