Dave Mustaine has been the only constant in the Megadeth roster for the better part of the last decade.  Founding member and bassist David Ellefson returned recently sparking hopes of reuniting the bands most popular incarnation. Former guitarist Marty Friedman says otherwise.

Megadeth is currently gearing up for a tour, recording a new album, and a soundtrack for the upcoming video game 'Neverdead'. Despite all of the new activity, fans still remain hopeful that guitarist Marty Friedman will rejoin the band (even after he opted out when they toured for the 20th anniversary of 'Rust in Peace' last year). The former Megadeth axeman recently spoke with Gibson about the possibility of a reunion saying:

"Absolutely not. The past is the past. I mean, it was a wonderful album and I'm sure [the current lineup of Megadeth is] doing a great job playing it. So many fans want to hear [those songs performed live], that's for sure. Every time I do a guitar clinic, I'm signing that record like it's going out of style and they want me to play stuff from it. I'm so happy about the great impact that that record has and I'm sure they’re making a lot of fans happy doing it, so I support them 1000 percent. But it's not something that I'm really interested in re-doing right now."

If that wasn't convincing enough; he auctioned off all of his Megadeth era guitars to raise money for those affected by the recent earthquakes in Japan. Unfortunately for us; this sounds like a guy who has no problems letting go of the past. We'll always have 'Hangar 18' though.