Years of headbanging will take it's toll on your neck -- just ask Dave Mustaine of Megadeth. The metal vet had to undergo surgery for that very reason, but after just two weeks he already "feels great".

The metal community just let out a collective sigh of relief as Dave Mustaine has emerged from his neck surgery healthy and unscathed. Mustaine risked serious injury (and the possibility of being paralyzed) by fulfilling Megadeth's obligation to play at the Yankee Stadium show with The Big 4 September 14th. Regarding his decision to postpone his surgery until after the gig, Mustaine told Rolling Stone:

"I thought about it and I thought, 'You know what? I trust God and I know he's got me in his hands. I know that he hasn't brought me this far through all this adversity and done all this reconciliation with all the bands and us all getting along this well to have the finale show here in the States stopped. And I just thought, either God's everything or it's nothing, and I believe in him, so that's why."

Dave further explained what exactly the problem was and how it came to be:

"It's [caused by] years of headbanging - just doing this [moving head up and down] over the years. I have what's called stenosis - three herniated discs and bone spurs everywhere. It's just a lot of wear and tear over my body over the years touring."

Dave went under the knife in an attempt to correct the neck issues roughly two weeks ago, and has reported that he is feeling quite well via Twitter:

"10/5 was two week check-up. Looks good! Feels great!! Start physical therapy Monday."

Dave's recovery, which is expected to take around two months, has forced the band to push their show in Dubai back to December. Megadeth's new album 'TH1RT3EN' is scheduled for release on November 1st, and it was recently announced that they will again headline Gigantour -- which launches in 2012 with supporting acts Motorhead, Lacuna Coil, and Volbeat.