Megadeth temporarily halted production on the new recordings due to producer Johnny K falling ill. The sessions are back on, almost finished, and the band's music will also be featured in Konami's upcoming video game 'NeverDead'. Check out the trailer for the new game here.

Megadeth drummer Shawn Drover has been keeping fans posted via blog on their website saying:

"As of last night, I have completed five drum tracks, with song #6 and #7 in line to be done today and I am really happy with the way things are going thus far. Johnny K has been a blast to work with as he shares the same vision as we do, which is to make a solid, heavy record. We are definitely on the right path here."

Shortly after that update the band pumped the brakes on production for a few days to allow Johnny K some recovery time. The band is back in the studio and according to Dave Mustaine; day 29 in the studio was spent ironing out the arrangement of the 12th and final song that will appear on the band's 13th studio album.

The band is also working on another project according to Drover:

"We have one song completely done and submitted for a video game. Without going into the details of it, anybody who knows me and what I like musically, this tune put a big smile on my face. In time, you will all hear what I am talking about, but for now, it's back to work at Vic's Garage [Megadeth's recording studio in San Marcos, California]."

The song mentioned will be a part of Konami's just announced original title 'NeverDead' (produced by Hideo Kojima of  'Metal Gear' fame. Here is a look at the official trailer from Konami's E3 presentation last night. It sounds like the the Megadeth song is pretty kickass, it starts at around the 1:47 marker.