Talk about a job you get "dicked" around at!  A doctor at the University of  Maryland Medical Center has recently completed a study on 16 cases of penile fractures.  The study concluded that half of the men admitted to fracturing their penises when they were cheating.  How do you explain that one to the misses?

Dr.  Andrew Kramer who conducted the study said not only were the men with women other than their wives when the injuries occurred, they were most often having sex in places outside of the bedroom.  The doc believes the sex may be different, more exciting perhaps and the male may be more forceful or thrusting more causing the fracture.   The medical jargon for this is called "tunica albuginea", apparently what happens is tissues are torn when the erect penis bends or buckles.  This can cause serious problems for the man, not to mention his penis if not properly cared for according to the Huffington Post.

I am no doctor, I am just giving any of you cheating a heads up and warn you ladies that if your guy randomly comes home with a fractured d***, you know what's up.  It is going to hurt a lot worse guys, when your wife or girlfriend cuts it off!