This is the Milli Vanilli of metal.

I'm sure this is every band's worst nightmare when lip syncing or using backing tracks. Lordi is a Finnish metal band that's been around since 1996. This goofy masked band was performing at a huge music festival when their backing track started to skip. Looks like this happened back in 2006 and just surfaced a couple months ago. This is what you get when you can't pull it off live.

I have no sympathy for any band that does this and you'd be surprised how bands actually do this crap.

Lordi explains what apparently happened here:

"This was something that we could not help. We always play live on our concerts and festivals etc, BUT: I´m sorry to break anyone´s bubble here; when you´re doing live TV, it is more than usual for the tv station and/or the organisation behind the event being televised live, DEMAND the artist to do playback. This is mainly done to ease the tv people´s job. No soundchecks, no monitors or mixing needed. And to be sure that the band "plays" correctly, and of course in some countries, to avoid the artist cursing or saying anything 'politically incorrect'."

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