As we approach the November 1st release date of the upcoming Lou Reed/Metallica collaborative effort 'Lulu', more and more details have begun to surface. Loutallica just put smiles on the faces of those looking to illegally download the record -- by revealing the names of all ten tracks.

According to Guitar World, 'Lulu' was initially meant to be Metallica recording lesser-known tracks with Reed from his back catalog. Eventually it became the ten song album based on the material Lou had written for a couple of plays by Frank Wedekind. Kirk Hammett explained how quickly things came together in the studio:

"We very quickly cobbled the songs together and then recorded them,  and then Lou says, 'That's great! Let's move on.' And that's just so diametrically opposed to the way we work. We will hammer a song for months and months, and then end up not using it."

'Lulu' Tracklist

  1. 'Brandenburg Gate' (4:19)
  2. 'The View' (5:17)
  3. 'Pumping Blood' (7:24)
  4. 'Mistress Dread' (6:52)
  5. 'Iced Honey' (4:36)
  6. 'Cheat On Me' (11:26)
  7. 'Frustration' (8:33)
  8. 'Little Dog' (8:01)
  9. 'Dragon' (11:08)
  10. 'Junior Dad' (19:28)